Issue 77 March-April 2010

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High Five T5 highbays delivering rapid energy savings
Competing purely on the price of fittings for industrial and commercial lighting projects is no longer a sure fire solution for winning work as end-users become increasingly savvy about the 'total life' cost of a lowest bid lighting solution.
Pushing the limits
April 1 is D-Day for the electrical industry with the introduction of new electricity regulations, new classes of registration and the livening of a new disciplinary system. The changes coming in are the most far reaching since the Electricity act radically changed the compliance regime in 1992.
More soft start innovation from AuCom
Leading the world in the development of soft starters has not just been a matter of technical brilliance for Christchurch-based AuCom Electronics. Much of the company’s success has come from being able to develop and refi ne the performance of its products by working closely with Kiwi customers.
Lip service not enough for standards reform
New Zealand’s ability to influence the development of international standards we adopt continues to be undermined by lack of funding and participation in the standards process by the very ministries that use the standards to enforce safety in industrial workplaces.
Turning up the heat
Handheld thermal imaging systems are now being widely used to find problems, prevent unscheduled downtime, identify corrective action and improve plant safety in a wide range of commercial and industrial facilities.
Energy efficient highbays improve visibility
Energy savings achieved from an industrial lighting upgrade is one thing but more important, says New Zealand Post Properties national asset manager Keith Morris, is a quality lighting outcome.
LEDs go mainstream – but custom installations need extra care
Once considered appropriate for decorative lighting only, LED is now an effective alternative for task and general lighting applications and this, say distributors, is reflected in a recent explosion of LED luminaires for general lighting applications.
Fines to protect downlights
An 'eleventh-hour' regulation making it an offence to compromise the safety of electrical fittings through the placing of thermal insulating material has been included in the new Electricity (Safety) Regulations which come into force on April 1.