Issue 79 July-August 2010

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Tyco Electronics backs TransNet distribution
When Tyco Electronics restructured its distribution model earlier this year and appointed TransNet as its New Zealand distributor of cable jointing solutions it was determined to limit the impact of restructuring to a single 0800 telephone number change.
Opening up certification
The EWRB’s monopoly on the sale of Certificate of Compliance forms ended on April 1 and opened up the opportunity for licensed people to meet their public safety obligations in formats of their own devising.
Where do you put an SDoC?
Electrical wholesalers are now fielding increased requests for SDoCs as electrical contractors look to cover off their risks under the new certification regime. However, there is no space on the EWRB’s CoC form to cite or indicate an SDoC attachment.
New power supplies do more for less
Overrating 24 V switch-mode power supplies is an easy way to manage in-rush currents but it also adds more cost. Weidmuller design engineers have now reduced this cost with the release of the new PRO-M range that also offers more performance reliability.
Connecting industrial equipment outside the standards
Uncertainty and confusion by electricians and inspectors over changes to the Electricity Regulations has left some imported plant and machinery necessary for production growth sitting idle on factory floors.
New approach to energy efficient office lighting
With more commercial lighting projects now being won by smart bidders factoring in energy savings as offsets to the price of more efficient luminaires, Philips Lighting has devised a 'good, better, best' approach that simplifies lighting product range options and offers a choice of solutions to target the right budget level.
Downlights under fire
Lighting manufacturers and suppliers are fighting a rear-guard action to prevent the New Zealand adoption of a draft AS/ NZS standard for barriers designed to cover recessed luminaires and manage fire risks posed by incorrectly installed ceiling insulation.