Issue 80 September-October 2010

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Harmonics: a costly problem easily solved – Danfoss demystifies harmonics
Like ghosts in a machine, harmonic distortion in your electricity supply could be causing reduced system stability and reliability, increased cable and transformer losses and poor plant performance for you and neighbouring energy users.
Separating Part 1 and 2
With little official information made available to help understand the new regulations when they were released and no roadshows provided by any of the regulatory bodies, the industry was left to improvise its own interpretations and some were seriously wide of the mark.
Certification up for review
One of the more confusing changes to the compliance regime since April 1 has been an increase in the accountability of designers for the electrical safety and compliance of their designs. But even more confusing is how this is now being managed by the EWRB through certification, especially where the design is supplied by a third party.
Technology transfer key to growth
Business New Zealand’s Phil O’Reilly says communication breakdown between technology providers and the wider research and development sector is a signifi cant barrier to manufacturing growth in small and medium-sized businesses.
ELV work in explosive atmospheres
Since the release of the new registration classes by the Electrical Workers Registration Board, there has been a lot of confusion as to whether instrument technicians who previously carried out most of the work on installations, fittings and appliances supplied at extra low voltage (ELV), including cabling, within hazardous areas are still permitted to carry out this work.
Light Build goes LED
Visitors to this year’s Light Build lighting exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, were left in no doubt that solid state lighting and digital lighting control is the future of lighting with estimates that 75 percent of all new lighting solutions will be LED by 2015.
Government silence prompts industry to step up
New Zealand manufacturers and suppliers of domestic downlights have issued a public safety notice warning the electrical industry and homeowners not to install generic thermal barrier covers over their recessed ceiling downlights.