Issue 82 January-February 2011

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Who’s liable for design changes?
Deciding how to manage the new way electrical design is regulated has been largely left for the industry to sort out, and with mixed results.
Large project expertise in reach of smaller projects
High level professional engineering expertise and experience is now easily accessible for medium and small sized projects. Brightwater Engineering says the knowledge it has developed and refined while working on a wide variety of large-scale projects, can inject efficiencies into design, execution and compliance for even the smallest of projects.
Could angels have rushed in where fools feared to tread?
The fatal explosion at the Pike River coal mine was a tragedy not just for its eventual loss of life but for the fact that overriding concerns for absolute safety were allowed to prevent any rescue attempt from ever being made.
Better business with new LEDS
After almost 15 years of installing downlights in new homes, Shane Pattinson is finally seeing a lighting solution that will get rid of costly call-backs for good.
Building trust in LEDs
With an increasing number of companies from outside the lighting and electrical industries jumping on the green bandwagon and importing LEDs, there is a growing need for a means of verifying supplier claims as to how well their products perform.
Insulation risks drive new downlight standards
New rules designed to simplify the classification of domestic downlights and provide top markings that clearly show how ceiling insulation can be installed in relation to them have now passed through the public consultation stage.