Digital specifications


ElectroLink Magazine requires digitally supplied advertising material as PDF files created using Adobe Distiller with all images, links, and fonts embedded.

All images must be 300dpi resolution. ElectroLink is printed at 150lpi.

Full page advertisements must include 5mm bleed. Full page advertisements with no bleed will either be rejected or the artwork remastered at the expense of the advertiser and at the advertiser’s risk.

All other size advertisements must not have any bleed or have the correct trim dimensions set in the PDF file.

All digital material must be supplied on PC-formatted media. If material is supplied on Mac formatted media a conversion charge will be applied.


A colour accurate proof is required with any digital material supplied.

If a proof is not supplied then ElectroLink takes no responsibility for the printed outcome.

Digital proofs that are not a dot-to-dot proof will be used only as a rough guide and cannot be used to ensure colour accuracy.


Check the dimensions of your material. ElectroLink’ s page size is 210 x 275mm not A4 (210 x 297mm)

All Images must be CMYK.

Any files supplied with RGB images will either be rejected or cause unpredictable results in both quality and colour output.

Create PDF files using Adobe Distiller to process a PostScript file. Do not export or save PDF files directly from the design application.

We require that in the Distiller PDF settings you do not downsample images below 300dpi and that you embed all fonts.

Do not password secure PDF files.

If the advertisement is a full page or double page please check that you have 5mm bleed on all sides.

Please check the trim dimensions on your PDF files and make sure you have set the correct document size in your design application. We accept no responsibility for the cropping of PDF files where the trim dimensions are not set or are incorrect.

If you have questions regarding preparing and sending PDF files to be used in ElectroLink please contact us.